vendredi 18 janvier 2008

A Malay response to the previous article from KL City

The other day my wife was asked by a bank officer to open an Islamic Account. She asked for the difference between the Islamic and the normal one she had. The officer replied that it was actually all the same except that you cannot deposit any cheque from a beer manufacturer or "unIslamic companies" into an Islamic Account !!!!!!!!.

But it is OK to accept cheques from Hotels and cash winnings from Magnum (Malay Lottery Result Prediction) and Toto (Sport Lottery)or pork dealers or Chinese restaurants. Isn't there a lot of confusion here?
How can such an account be untainted when the majority of transactions in the country will have some 'unIslamic traits'. So what is halal and what is haram?
If manufacturing beer is haram what about selling liquor ? All pubs, supermarkets, hotels (even those owned by Muslims) sell liquor.

So cute !!!

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